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Daniel Folliott
Personal Computer Club of Toronto

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Below we describe a few of these consulting projects.



We provided a wide range of consulting services to this client including web site design, web site content development, etc. We also integrated and customized our Calendars for the Web™ Server Version software for them.

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Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation


We completed numerous changes to the software to allow it to operate in 'front end' mode, by which we mean that the calendar can read its event source data from an agreed upon source file on the server.

This change allowed our client to export previously existing event data from legacy systems to an ascii file which our software then used as the source of its event data.

Technotects, Philadelphia , PA


We provided an unlimited number of calendars to be used on a client website of this Philadelphia consulting company. The events in these calendars are being added programmatically by a Java Servlet running on the client's server. This Java Servlet handles other aspects of the website such as maintaining databases of users, granting permissions and access rights, etc.

This consulting work included defining a programmatic interface for the Java Servlet, elevation of the merged calendar feature to a full fledged part of the software allowing for hierarchical merging of multiple calendars, automatic creation of multi-level hierarchical calendars to ease site license usage, and template based display.

Flow Cytometry Facility, Stanford University


On the recommendation of Dr. Larry Arnold (see below) we completed an online scheduler for Dr. Marty Bigos for use in the Stanford Flow Cytometry Center. This scheduler was much like the one we completed for the University of NC at Chapel Hill, however this scheduler included new features to allow researchers at the facility schedule not only machine time but also operator time at the facility.

This first crack at merging calendars allows end users to schedule time for a machine while also choosing from an available technical support person to aid in the use of the machine. This feature proved invaluable to the Center and is, we believe, a feature not found in any other online calendar/scheduler.

Seattle Salon, Seattle, WA


We created an JavaScript based front end to our calendar server for this online hair stylist. This simple application allowed us for the first time to identity and remember customers who visited the web calendar (via cookies).

With this new software we were able to provide an turnkey 'appointment book' solution for this business.

The appointment book feature is available for your use however it is not fully supported at this time.

Flow Cytometry Facility, University of NC-Chapel Hill


Dr. Larry Arnold, director of the facility, was looking for a solution to a resource scheduling problem. His facility maintains machines for which there is a great demand. He needed a way to have hundreds of machine users schedule time on these machines efficiently. Calendars for the Web™ provided that solution.

We added feature to do one-touch scheduling from the Planner Views (the user need press only two buttons to schedule time on the machine). Additionally we added a feature to 'lock out' changes to the calendar at noon the working day before a scheduled time. Our solution allowed Dr. Arnold to re-focus his time and stop thinking about how people were to schedule his machines. Here are his comments about our software and services. This project was completed in September of 2000.

Bank of America


We created a customized version of Calendars for the Web™ Server Version for the Corporate Special Events Calendar. This project was completed in July of 2000.

DBR Builders


We built a website for this award-winning building contractor. Site includes specialized web pages describing successful construction projects completed by DBR Builders. This project was completed during January and February of 2000.



A national organization to disseminate information on student assistance programs, Nasap hired Great Hill Corporation to help them establish their web site presence. We completed this project in late 1999.

Cosmi Corporation


We created a custom version of Calendars for the Web™ to be marketed and sold by Cosmi into large national retail software stores. Product is called Amazing Calendar Maker. This project was completed in 1999.

Monotype Typography, Inc.


As a service to one of Monotype's customers we developed a CD-ROM called "The Lexmark Workshop CD" which was distributed as a premium with over one million Lexmark printers. This work involved integrating the software applications, creating the installation program for the CD-ROM and managing the integration of all components. This work was completed in 1997 and early 1998.



In support of the Graphics Performance Committee's (GPC) efforts to establish a standard for measuring and reporting 3D computer graphics performance information, we developed two OPC test suites. The first test suite is called the Data Explorer test suite, the second was a games related test suite which has yet to be published. This work was completed in 1996.

IBM Corporation


In support of IBM's Sales team, selling 3D graphics hardware to one of the "Big-3" automakers, Hudson River Works, Inc.* completed a consulting project aimed at increasing the rendering performance of a custom visualization application used in the design of automobiles. Our 65 page report is available upon request. This work was completed in 1995.

* our previous company name

Users include:

Technology Credit Union


Roffey Park Institute

Community Realty

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