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Calendars for the Web Site Licenses
Unlimited Calendars

The site license is an optional license allowing you to deliver an unlimited number of individual calendar to your website visitors. The site license is an add-on to the calendar hosting service. This license is not available for the download version.

The site license requires a calendar hosting account ($179.40 per year) plus an additional annual fee depending on the number of calendars licensed. The first 1000 calendars cost $2.00 / calendar / year. As you buy more calendars the price per calendar decreases as described in the pricing calculator.

To initiate the site license you must purchase at least 500 calendar licenses. You may buy additional licenses in groups of 250 calendars.

An Example

A school district is an example of an organization that would benefit from a Calendars for the Web site license. In the simplest version, the district might provide each school (or even each teacher) with a calendar. Each of these calendars could be merged with a district-wide calendar.

Furthering the example, each student in each class may be provided with a calendar into which the teacher's calendar is merged - providing a way to distribute homework assignments.

Taking the example even further, every child and every family in the district could be provided with a calendar, allowing families to keep track of all school-related events.

Users include:

Bogus Basin Ski Resort

Seneca Networks, Inc.


US Army - 96th Regional Support Command

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