The user group manager displays a list of active user groups and a list of deleted user groups. The user groups are presented in a tabular format along with the group's description, the number of members, the group's permission (if enabled) and the group's subscribe status.

If the expand icon () is pressed each of the members in the group is listed. Press the collapse icon () to hide the list of members. If a user group resolves to any email addresses the mail icon () appears next to the group. Click on this icon to send all users in the group an email.

Using user groups

User groups serve several purposes:





Subscribable groups

You may choose to make certain user groups 'subscribable' (if there is such a word). A subscribable group is identical to any other user group except end users may add themselves or remove themselves. When a user is logged in, if any subscribable groups exist, a manage subscriptions icon () appears in the icon tray, thus:

If the user clicks on this icon he/she will be presented with the manage subscriptions dialog. Please see that help file for more information.

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