The delete events dialog allows a user to specify a date prior to which all events should be deleted. If the user is a trusted edit user or higher he/she may also optionally archive of the calendar as it existed just prior to completing the command. The deleted events are not actually removed from the database. They are just marked as having been deleted and become invisible. Remove the events permanently with the clean database command.

Pressing submit will present a confirmation screen listing the first 200 events prior to the date specified. This will give you a chance to confirm your selection before proceeding.

Only events for which the logged in user has permission will be included. For example for an edit user this command will only delete his/her events. An admin user will be able to delete all of his/her own events plus any edit user's events. These rules are exactly the same as those used for edit permissions on an event.

Repeating events whose end date is prior to the date specified will be deleted. Repeating events starting prior to the specified date but ending on or after the date will have their start date adjusted to their next occurrence on or after the specified date. Repeating events starting after the specified date will be unaffected.