This dialog allows you to initiate emails when certain things change. For example, when an event, task or contact is added to, edited or deleted from the database. Additionally, emails may be sent when users add or edit themselves or join user groups. There are other situations when emails are sent as well. Settings on this screen apply to all calendars.

Mail methods

The various mail methods are described next:

Email Reminders

Note that this feature is not an email reminder feature. The current software does not provide an email reminder feature. The feature described on this help page is an email notification feature. Emails are sent only when something changes in the calendar. For example, an event is added or deleted. Please check our website for more information.

Logging emails

The email log file may be helpful while setting up this feature. Check the 'enable log file' checkbox to make a log of the emails sent. Turn the log file on, test the email settings and then return to this screen to view the log file (there will be additional links presented). Information in the log file may help during setup. Turn the logging feature off if not in use as the log file may become quite large.

Debugging email settings

The email feature requires certain conditions to be met to work properly. These are:

Resolving email addresses

The notification email is sent to two lists; the recipient list and the blind carbon list. These two lists are built by processes as described (conceptually) below. We start with the building of the recipient list:

Building notifications lists

The process described above allows you to build quite extensive email notifications lists. In particular, the recursive search of user groups allows you to build multi-leveled notification lists.

Further, subscribable groups allows end users to stay informed of any item in which they are interested. Please see the user group help file for more information.

The blind carbon list

Next we describe the process used to build the blind carbon list:

Customizing email notifications

It is possible to customize the subject, body and reply to address of the emails that are sent. This is done through the use of the event display strings feature.