Information in this help file pertains to: template.htm

Using the display tags

The display tag is the heart of the template based display feature. This tag allows you to incorporate particular parts of the calendar (such as the header, footer, menus or maintable) directly into your template.

As an example the code:

will render the entire page including the header, footer and body of the display, while the code:

will display two small date navigators showing the previous and next month on either side of a larger version of the calendar. A view type selector and login menu are also included just for fun.

Another example

The following example displays a three month view. The next and previous months are displayed above the current month.

Combined with the other custom tags (icon tags and anchor tags) you may build an entire calendar application with complete control of the look and feel of the display.

Command Reference

The following table documents each of the attributes and options available for use with the <cw_d> tag.

Warning: The following attributes apply only to certain of the objects above. Please see the used by notes below.