Information in this help file pertains to: template.htm

Using the anchor tags

One of the custom tags is an anchor tag. This corresponds directly to the HTML's <a> and </a> tags. You may use this tag to surround images or text with a hotlink as you would in regular HTML, however in this case the link will take you to certain portions of the program. As an example the code

will render an icon linked to the day planner view, while the code

will link the internal text to the task list. You may insert any code you like inside the tags in the same way you would if you were using <a>...</a> tags in HTML. The attributes of this tag are detailed below.

Command reference

The following table documents all the attributes and options available for use with the <cw_a> tag.

A final example

The following example duplicates part of the menu structure. Copy this code into a template.htm to see what happens. This example is presented without further explanation.